This is the recording of a webinar from 10th January 2020

The second in a series of webinars explaining and exploring The Smart Exit Blueprint – how to manage yourself and your business towards a successful exit so you get the freedom and options you deserve after all the years of effort and stress in building your business. How to grow the value of your business and get into a strong position to negotiate with professional business buyers.

The Smart Exit Blueprint series is in 6 Parts:

Part 1: The Business Fundamentals

Part 2: Personal Readiness for Exit

Part 3: Getting a current valuation and driving up your profits

Part 4: The 8 factors that impact on the multiple of your profit and therefore the value of you business

Part 5: Ext strategy options

Part 6: The anatomy of the deal

This is part 2 – Mindset and personal readiness to exit without any regrets. Check out my Events Page for details of upcoming events including webinars. Join me for the next one on January 31st so that you can ask questions that relate to your business