Time – working long hours but feel like you’re not moving forward?

Your coach will measure how you’re actually spending your time and then coach you on planning, delegating,  building productive habits, beating procrastination and clarifying your long term, quarterly and dailly goals.

Do you have a big vision but keep getting dragged down into low value tasks like emails, proposals, finances and admin? We help you turn those time consuming tasks into processes that can be easily delegated or outsourced.

A coach helps you write goals for your business and for you. Together you will make plans for your marketing, cash flow, operations and growth. Having a coach means there’s always someone there tracking your progress and keeping you clear on your goals.

Team – have you employed the right people and are they performing to your standards?

We coach you on how to create a step-by-step recruitment system that maximises your chances of recruitment success – everything from creating job descriptions, writing successful job ads, screening out time-wasters, interview techniques and how to structure an induction period.

We’ll make sure that you have:

  • a clear vision, culture and goals
  • strategies to improve recognition and motivation
  • productive team meetings
  • an organisation chart so there’s clarity on how to grow the team in line with future goals
  • long term retention strategies and development plans for your star performers
  • clearly defined roles, targets and key performance indicators for each department and employee

We also offer bespoke training for your teams on a number of key areas, such as sales skills, time mastery and people management.

Money – profit is the oxygen of any business. Are you generating the cash flow and profitability you want from your business?

Your coach will help you break down your business into its essential components and see where the best opportunities for increasing profits are hidden.

We’re confident we can help you improve your number of leads, conversion rates, pricing strategy and profit margins because we’ve successfully done it for hundreds of other businesses before.

Do cash flow problems cause you constant stress and mean you can’t grow as quickly as you want?

We will help you deal with bad debtors, create professional credit control systems, optimise working capital and bring cash into the business faster.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we help you build systems that track profit, cash flow and business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

We coach you on which KPIs you should be measuring and having a coach means there’s accountability to report these figures back each month.

Marketing – are you generating interest and creating lifetime customers?

We make sure you measure ROI on everything you do. An experienced marketing coach will then examine your strategy, critique your marketing materials and provide you with actionable feedback.

We help your sales team close more deals by coaching them on handling objections, questioning & listening techniques, building rapport and managing common sales fears.

Keeping existing customers is always cheaper than finding new ones. Your coach will help you turn your existing customers into raving fans so that they spend more, stay with you longer and sing your praises to everyone they meet.

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