You took the brave step of starting your business to have the best life you could imagine with enough time and money to do the things you enjoy and share it with people that matter…  you have worked hard and you have achieved some of these things.

However, you sometimes feel that, for the effort you put in, you should be getting more from your business, or that it should be much easier and a lot more fun You have bigger aspirations, bigger dreams for your life and you are asking yourself ‘HOW?… How can I get more from my business?  How can I get my business to work for me rather than the other way around?’ Business coaching could be the answer for you.

After a thirty year career helping individuals, teams, brands and small and large organisations to grow I now work with business owners who, when we first met, were thinking the same thoughts and asking the same questions. As a business owner myself, I know how it feels and more importantly, I know how to change things, I can guide you to build your business to deliver the life of your dreams.

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Meet your guide to more profits and less time at work

Meet your coach:
  • Ceri is a business owner which means that he can empathise with clients going through the rollercoaster of business ownership
  • Has made signicant investment in his own development and business toolkit, including two post-graduate business qualifications, a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration from one the top London business schools
  • Qualified business coach with access to the strategies, systems and toolset from ActionCOACH, the world’s number 1 business coaching operation
  • 30 year career including blue chip and Small to Medium Business enterprises, with key themes of helping individuals, teams, organisations and brands to grow and develop
  • Digital Marketing expert, running a range of regular workshops and guiding clients through the ever changing maze of digital marketing
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Across the UK, hundreds of ActionCOACH clients have provided video testimonials explaining the profound effect that our system has had on their businesses (and themselves). These are real people, getting real results from the huge range of systems, strategies, tips, tools and checklists that ActionCOACH can use to boost your business growth.